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Increased Commercial Cooking Equipment Longevity

Increased Commercial Cooking Equipment Longevity

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Increased Commercial Cooking Equipment Longevity

Most commercial cooking equipment is made of stainless steel and a vital part of running many restaurants. When these pieces of cooking equipment are used as frequently as they are, they need to be cleaned just as frequently to ensure that they will work for years to come. One of the other benefits to keeping the equipment maintained and properly cared for is that it helps to keep the food tasting its absolute best. In addition to increasing the longevity of the equipment, the better cared for the equipment is the better the company will meet health and sanitation codes in that county.

Tools Required To Clean Equipment
Keeping plenty of containers handy to collect excess grease is always a priority. The keep the surface of the commercial cooking equipment clean, there are a variety of tools designed just for that purpose. Grill scrapers and grill blocks are great for removing built up grease and debris on the surface and corners of grills. Plastic gloves are also a necessity to insure your hands are not injured during the cleaning. Applying organic grill cleaners and then scrubbing with a grill brush will keep all the surface free of contaminants and grease buildup. When the surfaces are neglected, it only takes a shot time for the buildup to cause issues with food quality and equipment performance.

How To Clean the Equipment
Before cleaning any commercial cooking equipment, make certain that all the units are turned off and allowed to cool to 200 degrees or less. While the areas are still warm it is easiest to remove any excess grease into your storage containers. With your protective gloves on begin to scrape the surface area of the equipment to remove any excess food particles that may have become cooked-on to the grilling surface. Use a damp towel and organic cleaning compound to wipe the area down once it is free of all debris.

When to Clean The Equipment
Because commercial cooking equipment is frequently in high use, cleaning the equipment once a day will ensure it performs effectively for many years to come. It will also make certain your area is spotless in the event of an inspection by the city. When your equipment is in high use from breakfast to dinner, it is recommended the surfaces be cleaned in the morning and in the even due to that excessive use.

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