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Got Gasket & Hardware Problems?

Aire Rite is a leader in specialized refrigeration gaskets & hardware. We specialize in commercial refrigerators, ice machines & smoothie machines used in restaurants, hospitals, hotels, bars… just about any commercial facility.

Many other companies admittedly hate doing gaskets, which may account for the high cost and the less than perfect work.

Aire Rite techs excel at replacing gaskets, handles & other related hardware. This is clearly demonstrated in our quality of work, attention to detail, unparalleled turnaround time, and competitive prices.

Even the least technical among us realize that a cracked, loose or non-existent door gasket, warped hinges, broken door closers all spells big trouble for any refrigerator or freezer. Brittle and leaking seals lead to unstable temperatures, spoiled food, high energy consumption and heavy frost buildup on evaporators and holding plates.

Our Hardware & Gasket Specialists provide fast and professional service, and excellent products with original factory profiles all at competitive price.

To contact our service department, just call our company direct line: (714) 895-2338 and one of our highly trained customer support team members will assist you.

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