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Aire Rite’s Energy Solution Department is a leader in the HVAC OPTIMIZATION industry

We know where the industry is headed and have taken an active leadership role in the development and implementation of future HVAC energy management and usage reduction technologies.

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HVAC & Refrigeration systems are typically among the largest energy consumers in commercial buildings, restaurants and warehouses alike. As a result, improving the energy efficiency of these systems is an especially effective way to save energy consumption and reduce associated energy costs.

Aire Rite is known as an innovator in the industry, specializing in achieving cost-effective, long term energy saving from HVAC/R systems through technical innovation, specialized maintenance packages, and effective utility programs.


Aire Rite works with clients to design a system focusing on their specific needs to increase satisfaction and reduce operating expenses. Our automation systems are more flexible and responsive than traditional systems: they adapt to changing space uses and can be easily upgraded to drive leasing activity.

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